How to Quit smoking with aromatherapy?
 Our Quit - Smoking Blend is based on Aromatherapy. It is made with 100% natural essential oils found in plants. This blend helps you to manage your withdrawal symptoms when you want to quit smoking.
How to use quit smoking blend?

Apply oil on your sleeves, your collar or just roll a little between your palms and smell it.​​

Add a little of the blend on cotton or on tissue or a handkerchief and smell it whenever u have a craving of smoking.​​

Whenever the craving of smoking arises, just get up from the place where you are, take a few steps and inhale the Young's Anti Smoking Potion.



Sunflower oil is a very light weight oil which is easily absorbed by our body and it doesn’t give you a oily greasy feeling.

Black pepper is a known essential oil widely used for curving smoking. One of the reason why black pepper essential oils is used because it creates a very similar sensation in the chest to that of smoking.

Peppermint Oil

Helps in dealing with withdrawal symptoms like nausea, headaches, irritability, anxiety etc. 

The freshness of peppermint elevates your mood and makes you feel lighter. 

I don't Trust you yet. I wanna know more about the Ingredients

Black pepper oil


David Beaumont

Senior Consultant : Athens Medical Group

FAQ 01

Are there any side effects?

No, there are no side effects. However, many people are allergic to certain oils and hence we recommend you to use very little the first time you use.

FAQ 03

What is Aromatherapy ?

Aromatherapy is basically healing your mind body and soul using essential oils and aromatic compounds . There are chemicals in plants called phytochemicals. these are 100% pure, extracted through steam distillation and sold as is without any alteration to their composition. The oils are highly volatile and potent and retain almost all of their therapeutic benefits. Some of these chemicals also heal the body via its aroma.

FAQ 02

For how long am I supposed to use this ?

This depends on how you are trying to quit smoking (cold turkey or gradually). The time when you don't feel the craving of smoking, you can stop it.

FAQ 04


Black pepper can be irritating to your nose. Try to breathe normally and not hard. 

Don't let the oil come in contact with your eyes, mouth or any other sensitive part, it can get irritating. 

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