8 Benefits of quitting smoking you wouldn't have thought of!

There are only benefits to quitting smoking, especially for your body. But

have you thought about these awesome benefits, if you quit smoking?

Let us take you through -

1. Thou shall save money. A lot of it! Want us to calculate for you?

Let’s say, one Cigarette costs around Rs. 15 and you smoke what 10 Cigarettes a day?

That makes

Day Cost - 15 * 10 = 150

Per month cost – 150 * 30 = 4500

Now, this is just your average smokes per day. When you party, or when you are with your friends, this number might go high.

Let’s make the picture bigger, in a year, if you don’t smoke, how much do you save

4500 * 12 = 54000

Noice, Ain't it? Yep, you can actually have 2 awesome trips in that amount of money or buy lots of food or maybe follow your dream?

2. Thou shall smell fantastic! Smoking depletes the water level in your body. This makes your mouth stink. Your hair, your clothes, your fingers have that typical smoky smell, imagine how badly you would smell! Why not kiss than smoke?

3 . Thou Shall be free – When you smoke, especially when in hiding, you are sure, you will be finding ways to smoke. Caught ya! Entire-time you would think about smoking and find ways and opportunities to smoke. In this, you don’t realize you are bounded. Philosophical much, but the truth. The day you leave smoking, you won’t be thinking about it, your mind will be at peace and suddenly you will feel you have lots of time and energy to do things you always wanted to do.

4. Thou shall not have to hide. When you smoke, you have to or want to keep this as a secret from your Sharma’s Son’s Mother. You might be always in that fear of being caught. You won't have to hide anymore. You are a Khula Sand!

5. Thou shall have more fun – Smoking makes you that addicted that every chance you get to smoke, you do, which ends up you wanting to miss major things. You tend to drift away from your loved ones. You might feel it too, but you won’t be able to comprehend it because of your addiction to smoke. However, once you stop smoking, you can spend healthy and fun time, and trust us its awesome!

6. Thou shall become a superhero – Quitting smoking is difficult. However, if you actually stop smoking, you won’t miss anything but you might gain respect from your friends, and their friends! People will look up to you. You will be an inspiration! You will be, at least for us!

7. Thou shall save mother nature. Cigarette buds are the most littered item on the earth. Worldwide 4.5 trillion cigarettes are littered each year.

8. Have awesome Sex – Smoking kills your sex drive. It reduces your stamina. Why would u not want that? ain’t sex better than smoking?

Aren’t these reasons cool to quit smoking?

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