How to Quit Smoking?

Why is Quitting smoking so difficult? It seems like an impossible task. Whether you are an occasional smoker or you are a seasoned veteran, smoking can be very tough to let go of it. Smoking is not only a psychological addiction it's also a physical addiction. However, the good news is you can quit smoking! It's not us saying, but thousands of people out there, who were addicted to smoking, quit it and now are living a smoke-free life.

So, how does smoking becomes a habit?

Believe us or not, it starts with just one cigarette. That one becomes two and suddenly you realize you are addicted to smoking. For us, it's just that one last cigarette and that's how we

keep on smoking.

"Chemical Locha" in your head.

When you smoke, the nicotine present in your cigarette immediately rushes up to your brain. This nicotine increases the secretion of two hormones - Dopamine and Adrenaline, which are responsible for the feel-good feeling in our brain. We tend to smoke whenever we want to have that "feel-good moment". This happens more when we are stressed, anxious, or depressed.

To add on to this, once you are addicted to smoking, you will keep wanting to have more smoke to reach that level of goodness. That means, initially what effect just 1 cigarette had, you need two more to achieve the same level of feeling. Initially, we smoke because we want to act cool, peer pressure, stress, whatever may be the reason, one fine day we realize that we just smoke. Just because. There's no reason, and that we even hate it, but don't know why do we keep smoking.

To successfully stop smoking, you’ll need to address both the addiction and the habits and routines that go along with it.

These habits and routines are the ones that you associate smoking with and you end up smoking. These triggers can be anything.

It could be your daily ritual to have a smoke with tea or have a smoke break after every meal you have just had or maybe while talking to someone. When your colleague is smoking you get the urge of smoke or whenever you leave from office you feel the urge to smoke.

These habits and routines are your triggers. Quitting smoking is nothing but handling these triggers and replacing the reactions to these triggers with something better and healthier.

Once you have decided to quit smoking, not having a cigarette is not difficult, but dealing with the withdrawal symptoms that occur is very difficult. You will feel nauseatic, weak, anxious, nervous, restless, and depressed. Managing these withdrawal symptoms will help you sail through the journey. Every person has a different reason to start smoking and different reason to stop. The best person to decide is you. Many people go cold turkey, while some will follow a plan. You can choose whatever suits you best. Having a plan works more often than not. The following are a few things that might guide you to quit smoking. This will help you visualize, think clearly and make smart decisions for yourself.

So what does a quit smoking plan looks like?

1. Find out the reason why you started smoking. List down reasons why you want to quit smoking.

2. Keep a journal. If you cannot keep a handbook, you can simply make a WhatsApp group with yourself or one or two of your trusted people. Keep writing notes there.

Ask yourself -

During which time of the day, do I crave more for cigarettes

What am I doing usually when I am smoking

When do I smoke more? When I am with friends, when I am alone, When I am stressed, When I am at a certain place etc?

What is the taste of smoking?

Am I smoking with someone? Who am I smoking with? How frequently?

How do I feel while and after smoking?

Once you have stopped smoking, jot these feelings down -

How often do I think of smoking?

What act of mine prompted me to want a smoke?

How does my mouth feel when I am not smoking?

Once you start realising, there's a pattern and all you need to do is break that pattern. The good news is, these cravings stay just for 5 - 7 minutes. All you need to do is manage yourself during that craving period. 3. There are many ways to break that pattern. Here are some of the ones we thought to pen down for y'all : -

Keep your mouth busy - Whenever you feel like smoking, you can just pop in snacks, boiled vegetables, anything which is healthy.

Take a break and have water instead. Get up from your seat, take a walk, drink a glass of water and start again whenever you wish to smoke.

Be lazy in smoking - Keep procrastinating. Whenever you feel or want to smoke, don't immediately act, postpone it for 15 minutes and keep postponing it. If your friends call you, say NO to them or keep postponing the breaks.

One of the best and successful ways to handle these craving periods is to focus your attention to something else. Play a game, walk down the stairs and come back, learn something new for that 5 mins, basically anything which occupies your mind.

Smell something nice - It is proven, change in smell helps you change in mood, which helps in reducing smoking.

Essential oil blends have proven to be one of the best ways to induce that "feel-good feeling" which replaces the "feel-good feeling" of toxic cigarettes. You can use our aromatherapy blend to curb your cravings to light a cig.

Talk to your loved ones or your trusted friends, that you are planning to quit and ask them to support you. There is no harm in asking for help. You might realize having supporting friends and family gives you so much of motivational and emotional support.

Brush your teeth - Brushing your teeth induces a feeling of freshness. It also gives you a nice taste which you wouldn't want to spoil.

All you need to do is replace your old triggers to better health habits. Gradually you will soon have a smoke free life!

However, there may be chances that sometimes you might relapse. You might end up smoking. But that's not the end of it. It is ok. Just accept the mistake and retry. You don't have to feel bad about it and smoke a few more in the process. It's important to realize that you shouldn't smoke and stick to the plan.

In end, treat yourself with small motivational feel good presents for yourself ( maybe from the money u saved while quitting smoking).

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